After the InvestCEC model is tested in Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee we aim to see our concept replicated in other cities and regions around Europe. On this page you can find guidance documents and funding opportunities to help launch circular economy projects in your city.

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Partners will develop dedicated guidelines, manuals and tools to help cities and regions replicate the InvestCEC approach. Sign up to be notified when new materials are available.

D3.1 Replication Plan – DRAFT

Funding opportunities

Discover European and National funding opportunities for circular economy.

LIFE Programme
Deadline: 19/09/2024

Circular Economy, resources from Waste, Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Chemicals, Bauhaus

This call invites proposals aimed at fostering a sustainable, circular, and toxic-free economy by targeting improvements in waste management, air, water, soil quality, noise reduction, and chemical safety, as well as incorporating principles of the new European Bauhaus

LIFE Programme
Deadline: 18/09/2024

Technical Assistance – Replication – Nature & Biodiversity and Circular Economy & Quality of Life

This call seeks proposals that enable the replication or upscaling of successful initiatives within the realms of Nature and Biodiversity and Circular Economy and Quality of Life, aiming to broaden their impact and facilitate access to additional funding instruments

Horizon Europe
Deadline: 21/01/2025

Design for adaptability, re-use and deconstruction of buildings, in line with the principles of circular economy (Built4People Partnership)

Under this call, proposals are invited to advance the design for adaptability, re-use, and deconstruction of buildings, consistent with the circular economy principles outlined by the Built4People Partnership. This initiative seeks to develop solutions that significantly extend the life of buildings and enhance their adaptability to changing needs, thereby fostering sustainable and inclusive energy use in Europe’s building sector.