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Discover our policy recommendations to unlock circular financing

InvestCEC has created a policy brief providing EU policy makers and local/regional policy
makers with concrete recommendations to unlock circular economy financing in cities and regions.

The recommendations were created based on the experience of the InvestCEC consortium partners, after the first 18 months of the project. Recommendations were split between the EU level and city/region level.

EU recommendations:

  1. Develop a pricing mechanism for externalities
  2. Expand the scope of the CE Taxonomy
  3. Further develop CE indicators and labelling
  4. Encourage the use of new valuation tools
  5. Communicate the non-environmental benefits of CE

City and regional recommendations:

  1. Take a lead in supporting circular businesses
  2. Provide support and coaching to CE entrepreneurs
  3. Promote multi-stakeholder collaboration

You can read the recommendations in full in the file below: