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Call for Entrepreneurs – to drive circular economy innovation with EU-funded InvestCEC project

Edit: This call is now closed.

The InvestCEC project, funded by the European Union, is inviting entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate circular economy solutions in Europe. It offers an exceptional, cost-free opportunity to engage with public utilities, venture capitalists, and funding experts to advance circular economy solutions and overcome barriers, including financial ones, and expand market reach.

Why should you apply (opportunity): Entrepreneurs can present their solutions to public sector customers, receive funding advice, and develop strong funding strategies.

Who is this for (fields of interest): Entrepreneurs who are currently working on Greentech, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, and Smart City Logistics and other fields that are closely related but outside the above-mentioned areas. We primarily focus on solutions in Austria, Klagenfurt, but also welcome projects across Europe.

How will you be assessed (selection criteria): Candidates will be assessed based on feasibility, experience, commercial potential, funding needs, and circularity of their solutions.

When is the application deadline: Complete the InvestCEC ‘Call for Entrepreneurs’ form by January 15, 2024.

Ready to apply?

Applying to InvestCEC is simple and straightforward. Just complete the Application Form, where we’ll ask you to provide essential details about your circular economy product or solution. This includes a description, your target audience, the current progress, your needs, and the level of circularity you are offering.

Next Steps

After submitting your application, our team will carefully assess all submissions. We’ll identify potentially relevant candidates and reach out to them for further information.

Shortlisted candidates will have the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of public utilities, VCs and other potential investors in Klagenfurt or online.

Apply now and join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and circular future in Austria and beyond!